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Promotional Music Video Offer

If you want your Band to be taken seriously, you must have a killer professional video. An awesome professional music video is a powerful marketing tool for the promotion of your Band. A badly made video will not get you anywhere, it is the kiss of death. Whereas a professionally made music video will showcase your Band in a way that no other media can. Think how a professional music video produced using camcorders that are BBC approved for HD Television production will take you to new heights! Sound interesting? Read on.... 

Who do you get to make it and how much does it cost? There are lots of great professional videographers and video production companies out there and your spoilt for choice. The one thing they all have in common is they are expensive! Also many of them do not use equipment that is approved for television production by the BBC! So what you going to do, call Ghost Busters? No, that won't work! What you can do is call Video Production Rocks/Internet TV Rocks and here's why.

Video Production Rocks is a subsidiary of Internet TV Rocks. We are a new vibrant and creative video production/internet tv business that focuses on producing affordable professional videos utilising the latest in powerful editing software, with television broadcast quality professional camcorders including the acclaimed Canon XF300 and Canon XF305, both of which we have in our fleet of camcorders. The Canon XF305 and XF300 camcorders are approved by the BBC to be used in producing entire HD Television programming for broadcast on the BBC corporations HD channels. We also use the latest Canon XC10, 4K camcorder producing stunning 4K and HD video. For action shots and scenarios that require small but very high quality camcorders we use Gopro 4K Hero Black Edition camcorders for action shots, also Samsung NX500 4K and Samsung NX300 HD camcorder/cameras. Professional videographers and a video editor with decades of experience not just in TV/Video production but also specifically decades of experience in the music business gives us the ability to showcase your Band at its very best.

Now for the best part! Internet TV Rocks and Video Production Rocks a brand new business benefiting from videographers and video editors with decades of experience, are looking to subsidise a small number of Music Videos to include in it's marketing. This means that if we feel your Band is one we would like to showcase, you will benefit from a huge reduction on your video production cost and get the added bonus of being part of our marketing and promotion giving your Band extra exposure. So as an example, a music video that would normally cost you many thousands of pounds will cost you hundreds not the thousands of pounds that you would normally be expected to pay out for a music video with this quality of production. For that relatively small amount of money you will have an awesome video filmed in Television Broadcast Quality HD or 4K that has been professionally produced and edited.

A music video like this example with live and various location video shoots, plus 2 camcorders and edit could cost you as little as £500 with this offer. Plus your video will be a much higher quality production as this example was not produced using our new TV HD/4K Broadcast quality camcorders. Hence the reason for this offer to give us new music videos produced using our latest equipment!

To be considered for this offer your Band will have the talent and potential for success. We want each of the videos in this offer to showcase a possible future name Band. We also want it to showcase our ability to produce killer videos!

Interested? Email links to your social media with any existing video/music sound tracks, photos, band details, your budget between £500 to £1000, your location and any other information you feel is relevant. If we like what we see and hear, we will get back to you for a chat and see if we can make this work for you. Email: 

On a final note: We will be very selective for this promotion. So if we do not feel your Band are what we are looking for on this occasion. We can still offer to better any like for like quotation you have for your next video. Click Here For Contact Details



Video Production Rocks is looking to forward to providing a new Wedding Video Service for couples who would like a HD Television quality or 4K quality produced video for their special occasion. For our full package of Wedding productions we will be using a minimum of 3 Professional HD or 4K Television broadcast quality camcorders. The production and editing of your event will receive the same attention to detail that our TV productions receive. For us to showcase our new Wedding Video Service we are offering a huge reduction on our fees. In return for us being able to use you're Wedding Video in our marketing and on our website, we will substantially better any quotation you have received for a professional wedding video. Why not have a chat and lets see what we can do for you? Click Here For Contact Details